The Valley of Grey Pigeons – A name

So, that just happened.

I just actually created a blog.

I have been putting this off for a while, and when I managed to make another a while ago, I kinda forgot about it.

This irked me. So, I decided to make another one. But this time, it would be more personal than my old go-to username. This time, I could make fun of my names – the weirdest Celtic names anyone could have chosen.

For those of you who are reading this out of sheer chance, my middle names are ‘Colm Glyn Lloyd’. This is an interesting group of names. Colm is Irish Gaelic for ‘Pigeon’, while Glyn and Lloyd are both Welsh names, Glyn being a valley(or rather from the valley, but the noun sounds cooler) and Lloyd means Grey. It was only logical therefore that I would call myself the ‘Valley of Grey Pigeons’. Plus it makes it sound much more epic, yet so unusual as to attract interest perhaps.

So, that worked somehow. I wasn’t going to include my first or last names, as they are annoyingly normal, compared to my nice Celtic middle names. A very common Hebrew first name followed by a fairly common Latin word. I.e: I am Ben Felix, otherwise known as Baggins or one of a list of other names and references, including Hodor, Hiccup and Jemima Puddle Duck. Not sure where the latter came from exactly…

Anyway, that’s me. A nerd by any other name, expect nerdy comments and quips, as well as the occasional meme, perhaps a cat photo (or a Night Fury – they’re cool too), maybe a YouTube video, and a lot of fan-boying. Heck, who knows, maybe there’ll be a faux-philosophical question or two.

So, that’s it for my first post. All the happiness.

Bye for now!


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